About Us

East Coast Alternative Energy is a leading Solar Service Provider in USA. We have more than 2 years of experiences in solar products such us solar panels, solar inverters, solar batteries, mppt charge controllers and more. See our extensive range of solar products to find the right solution for every budget. We have been growing vertically in its standards and has established itself in the length and breadth across the country.

The use of solar energy as a source of electricity for both households and businesses is becoming popular by the minute and lots of people are coming up with their own solar panels. Solar energy is among the renewable sources of energy and the good thing is that it’s free for everyone and in this way you are able to save on a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on paying electricity bills.

When you opt to purchase a system, the package should include the materials, assembly and installation, with maintenance as additional optional service contract if necessary. Warranties usually come in two and five years, with added cost for the latter. The benefit of purchasing a full complete package is that you let others do the hard work for you, and you simply start enjoying the fruits of your financial labor once they are set up. However, the cost could be exorbitant and can set you back as much as twenty to thirty thousand dollars, depending the scale of your system. Even assuming that your system will not break down any day soon, your payback period or break-even on cost would take at least 6 years. This is based on the fact that you stand to save about 300 dollars a month, and the cost of your system about 24,000 dollars up front. Of course, you should factor in the potential increase in the value of your home, but only should you intend to sell it anytime soon.

Helping bear to market quality solar products that will play a part and truly help strengthen our country and our childrens future. No matter the size of the project or product, we can achieve our goal of an energy independent nation, one transaction at a time.

Our Mission
Focusing our efforts on the sale of a very selective, high-quality solar product especially for home. They echo our commitment to deliver quality products backed by a high level of customer service. To continue to build relationships with our product and services to ensure a competitive edge in the market.

Our Vision
East Coast Alternative Energy makes solar product simpler and more reliable than it has ever been before. We will help solar power become a standard appliance in every home.

Our Commitment
Our promise to hold confidentiality to the atmost level along with never competing with our customers by soliciting projects of any size directly. We will welcome you and greatly appreciate the opportunity to service you.