Many governments are spearheading reforms in the energy sector. It has been noted with great concern that human dependence on oil is detrimental to development. Naturally, the price of oil is on the increase and chances of them falling are slim to none. It is for this reason that the many governments of the world have decided to open the window into research of alternative energy sources. They have wised up to the idea that alternative energy is the only step forward. Plus the threat of global warming is becoming ever so real. The polar ice caps are melting and well life as we know it will change forever.

These days, when energy reforms are quite common, solar energy is the main topic of concern. Governments have seen it as the answer to the ever growing demand for energy. For this reason the solar energy grants are being given left, right and centre to scientists whose proposals are viable. Saudi Arabia and the United States have been at the vanguard of giving universities solar energy grants. The grants are for studies to ascertain the viability of solar energy as a long term energy solution. Since the sun is slated to burn out in a few billion years, why not make maximum use of it.

The solar energy grants are important because they allow scientists to come up with ways of getting creative with how they tap energy. Take a mobile phone for example. Many people use them to communicate. Some areas, in the developing countries, lack electricity to charge them. Since they want to communicate and there is no power, all that is left is choosing a suitable alternative. This is where solar energy comes into play, as one can use this form of energy to charge the phone. While carrying around solar phone charger can be cumbersome, you can opt for an easier solution: a solar mobile phone. With solar energy grants, innovations like this are possible.

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