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Solar energy is the most important basic energy source of renewable energy. It is also the most abundant renewable energy available to humans. The radiant energy that the sun projects onto the Earth’s surface every year is as high as 1. 05×1018 kWh (3.78×1024 J). Equivalent to 1.3 x 10 billion tons standard coal. According to the current solar mass consumption rate, solar energy can be maintained for 6×1010 years. But how to make rational use of solar energy. Reducing the cost of development and conversion is an important issue currently facing.

Solar energy is the most ideal renewable energy source

The solar energy that shines on the earth is huge. The solar energy that illuminates the earth in about 40 minutes is enough to supply the energy of a whole year of human beings around the world. What an inexhaustible source of energy it is. Moreover, solar power energy generation is absolutely clean and doesn’t cause pollution. Therefore, solar power is known as an ideal energy source.

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Solar electrical energy generation

The direction of solar energy development is to use solar power to generate electricity. Get electricity from solar energy. It needs to be realized by photoelectric conversion of solar cells. It is completely different from other power generation principles in the past, and has the following characteristics:

  1. No exhaustion risk;
  2. Absolutely clean (no pollution);
  3. Is not restricted by the geographical distribution of resources;
  4. High energy quality;
  5. Users are emotionally acceptable;
  6. Takes only a little time to get energy.


  1. The energy distribution density of the illumination is small. A large area will be needed for the power generation;
  2. The energy obtained is related to meteorological conditions such as four seasons, day and night and cloudy.

But in general. The defects cannot obscure the virtues. As a new energy source. Solar energy has great advantages and is therefore widely recognized by countries all over the world.

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Solar power applications

Solar power is affected by day and night, and the weather. But it can be done in a dispersed manner. Therefore, it is suitable for each household to generate electricity separately.

Moreover, it is connected to the power supply network so that every family can sell it to the power company when there is too much power, and when it is insufficient, they can buy it from the power company. Now the United States, Japan and other developed countries have formulated corresponding laws to ensure the family interests of solar power generation. Encourage families to generate solar power.

  • The use of solar energy is mainly divided into the following aspects:
  • Small-scale solar power stations for household use;
  • Large-scale grid-connected power stations;
  • Building integrated photovoltaic glass curtain walls (main application);
  • Solar street lamps;
  • Wind-solar complementary street lamps;
  • Wind-solar complementary power supply systems (main application);

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Prospects for solar power generation

Solar power has more exciting plans. One is the Genesis plan proposed by Japan. Prepare to use the desert and ocean area on the ground for power generation. Global solar power plants are connected to a unified grid through superconducting cables to supply electricity to the world.

The other is the sky power generation program. Early up to 1980, NASA and the Ministry of Energy proposed to build a solar power station in space. It is planned to place a large flat plate with a length of 10km and a width of about 5km on a synchronous orbit, which is covered with solar cells. This will provide 500Kw of electricity.

Solar energy in other directions

At present, the most perfect solar energy development is solar water heaters. In addition to solar water heaters, solar energy has great potential for development in solar energy stoves, solar energy drying, and solar heating.

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