So you are frustrated with the ever increasing cost of utilities even amidst times of global financial crisis. Your ever shrinking household budget means that you really need to find real ways to save cost and there is no better way than to live green. You might think that living green would cost you a lot of time and effort but it really need not be so. The art and science of green living literally begins with conserving and recycling renewable and sustainable energy sources, such as recycling rain water for watering your plants, and tapping on sun and wind power. Residential solar energy is one key source which is only recently been innovated upon since there the global drive for environmentally friendly living.

Creating your home solar power system has great benefits to say the least. It not only gives you a leap over your neighbors in terms of utilities cost savings, but also help to enhance the marketability value of your home when you are ready to sell. But the greatest cost savings is your upfront cost of the panels should you wish to build your own solar panels for homes instead of purchasing a system commercially. The latter option might require you to pay about 20 to 25 thousand dollars for the entire system. While the more cost viable approach would be to build your own solar panels for home.

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