You embrace green living and appreciate the many gifts that mother nature bequeaths upon you. You recycle your water for other usages, containers, build you own furniture and even computer. Your next challenge is probably learning how to build your own solar panels for homes. The idea of harnessing your own residential solar energy and creating your very own home solar power system is commendable. Indeed, it is a viable solution to ever escalating utilities costs and in fact could even help you earn money selling excess electricity back to the grid company. You can have your home solar power system in two ways, either to purchase or build it.

When you opt to purchase a system, the package should include the materials, assembly and installation, with maintenance as additional optional service contract if necessary. Warranties usually come in two and five years, with added cost for the latter. The benefit of purchasing a full complete package is that you let others do the hard work for you, and you simply start enjoying the fruits of your financial labor once they are set up. However, the cost could be exorbitant and can set you back as much as twenty to thirty thousand dollars, depending the scale of your system. Even assuming that your system will not break down any day soon, your payback period or break-even on cost would take at least 6 years. This is based on the fact that you stand to save about 300 dollars a month, and the cost of your system about 24,000 dollars up front. Of course, you should factor in the potential increase in the value of your home, but only should you intend to sell it anytime soon.

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