Solar energy is the most old and the primary source of energy known to us. Sun emits enormous amount of energy which reaches us through sunlight. Sun provides energy to plants for the production of food which is vital for living things. We can also use this solar energy for the production of electricity. There are two methods for utilizing solar energy for the production of electricity.

The Solar Energy has more advantages than any energy derived from fossil fuels. Few are mentioned below:

Pollution and Global Warming Free:
Solar energy is pollution free during use and its wastes and products can be easily managed. Nowadays when environmentalists and scientists are asking whole world to understand the complexity and danger of environmental pollution, solar power seems to be one of the solutions for this ever evolving problem. The use of fossil fuel for the production of energy causes a lot of pollution. Global warming could be the one of the biggest upcoming problems for humans unless required precautions are taken. One of the biggest advantages of solar energy is that it does not liberate carbon dioxide, methane or other gas that could warm the atmosphere. On the other hand using fossil fuel releases all those gases that warm the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide and methane.

Renewable Energy Source:
There is an increase focus on free utility of fossil fuels without considering the consequences of its extinction. Fossil fuels are finite sources of energy and we are running out of our fossil fuels quickly. With increase in the human population the use of fossil fuel is also increasing. As fossil fuels are non-renewable sources we should be very careful with their use. Solar energy provides a better alternative energy source to fossil fuel. Solar energy is renewable source and as long as the sun is up there, it is constantly producing all the energy we can need.

Cheap and Maintenance Free Running Cost:
Solar energy is cheap. There is no doubt that solar energy have high initiating price but once solar panels power facility is in place, no fuel, lubricants or any kind of maintenance is required thus providing literally free energy. And with fossil fuels prizes touching sky, the overall cost advantage of solar energy is very obvious. It is also expected that with the further development in solar technology the financial cost of expensive appliances such as solar cells and concentrating solar energy panels will also decrease leading to cheap, pollution free energy.

No Threats to Health:
Unlike nuclear energy plants whose radiations are very dangerous for health of humans living in the surrounding areas, solar energy panel does not bring any kind of side effects or health issues to its surrounding region.

Solar Panel

Solar Panel is the collection of several individual solar cells (Energy Particles called Photons) which converts the sunlight into electricity. The electricity production depends upon the amount of light which hits the solar cell.

The photovoltaic effect is used for sunlight to electricity conversion. Solar Panel is also called as photovoltaic (PV) panel or photovoltaic module.

Solar Inverters

The Solar Inverter Converts the direct current (DC) into utility frequency alternating current (AC).The AC (Alternating current) can be used to power loads in your home or commercial building and more…. The Solar Panel gives DC (Direct current).The DC current cannot be used directly for the home appliances. Solar Inverter is the most important component in the solar power systems.

Solar Water Heater

Solar water heating system is a best alternative method for heating the water in an eco-friendly manner. Solar water heater generally contains three major parts, solar thermal collectors, water tank, interconnecting pipes. The solar thermal collectors collect the solar energy and heat the water circulating in the pump. The shielded water storage tank is used to store the hot water.