Photovoltaic power generation technology can not only effectively alleviate the pressure of urban electricity consumption, but also reduce the pollution status to the environment to a certain extent, thus ensuring sustainable economic development.

As the level of global urbanization continues to deepen, the number of urban populations continues to grow. The increase in the population base has led to an increase in the consumption of energy. This has brought great challenges and pressures to power plants,  they not only need to satisfy people, but also to develop the new energy sources to meet the growing demand of achieving resource conservation and improve economic.

Therefore, the corresponding power plant must strengthen the exploration of the application of new energy photovoltaic power generation system, and play its advantageous role on the basis of mastering its technical points.

solar panel used in the mountain

Principle of photovoltaic power generation

In the application process of photovoltaic power generation system, the use of photovoltaic power generation can effectively save resources, thereby reducing the cost of power generation units and promoting their long-term development.

The reason why photovoltaic power generation can enter the power market is inextricably linked with its own advantages and characteristics.

  • Photovoltaic power generation can be used as a decentralized power source to enter the electricity market. It can replace conventional energy sources in the market, and can also be used as a supplement to conventional energy sources. It can effectively solve the electricity demand in special fields, and thus ensure the normal use of the public in the electricity-using area. Electric life.
  • Photovoltaic power generation also has sufficient cleanliness, which is mainly reflected that photovoltaic power generation is a clean energy source and does not pollute the environment during use. At the same time, photovoltaic power generation also has absolute safety. The voltage in the grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system is generally below 220V. The small voltage can effectively avoid the risk problem in the application process.
  • Photovoltaic power generation is also extremely practical, and its service life is long in the subsequent application process, and it is not easily affected by various factors, and has strong stability.

Photovoltaic power generation has been widely used in power generation systems by virtue of its own advantages, and to ensure that its role is fully exerted, the corresponding units and staff must analyze and explore the actual situation, and exert its effectiveness through effective application methods. Thereby promoting the stable and healthy development of photovoltaic power generation.

Three PV application approaches

For single users

To ensure the stable operation of the power generation system, the corresponding photovoltaic enterprises must analyze the practical application of the new energy photovoltaic power generation system, and strengthen the application of the new energy photovoltaic power generation system according to the development of different regions and the power consumption.

In general, solar energy resources can be applied to any area, but small-scale power photovoltaic power generation technology is only applicable to remote areas that are not conducive to photovoltaic construction of the power grid.

Therefore, in the actual application process, the corresponding staff must be based on the actual situation to apply the new energy photovoltaic power generation system, and apply it in single users, that is, in household electricity. In the actual application process, the power supply is mainly through the grid-connected power generation system. The general power support is 5~9kW. Through the application of the new energy photovoltaic power generation system, the demand for electricity can be satisfied, thus ensuring normal life and production for everyone.

architectural designed builiding

For architectural design

The application of new energy photovoltaic power generation systems includes not only individual users, but also architectural design.

The application in architectural design is mainly reflected in the design stage of building materials. Since the design stage requires installation planning of power generation equipment, photovoltaic power generation equipment can be used as a conventional building material in the building design process.

In the actual design work, the construction plan and the construction drawings can be analyzed in a certain way. On the basis of determining the construction plan, the photovoltaic power generation equipment is embedded in the outer wall, and then a certain decoration is carried out to ensure the internal illumination and beauty of the building. Due to the differences in the architectural design involved in the construction process, in the process of selecting the actual photovoltaic power equipment, the corresponding designers and construction personnel also need to proceed from the overall design, not only the buildings and The safety performance of the equipment also needs to pay attention to the beauty of the building as a whole, so as to ensure the full play of the building.

Under normal circumstances, the photovoltaic power generation equipment materials in building materials buildings are mainly composed of steel and glass. In the design process, attention should be paid to avoiding a large amount of light on the buildings, and the design work of the top-level households and the middle-level households should be differentiated. Inspection of power generation equipment to ensure that it can provide electricity to every household.

In ordinary buildings, the integration of photovoltaic power generation equipment is required according to the characteristics of the building itself. The main materials are generally composed of steel-mixed brackets, power generation equipment and electric wires. Since they are mainly installed on the top floor, they need to be strengthened. Use performance and protective work arrangements to avoid risks such as wear and lightning strikes and ensure their subsequent normal use.

In other fields

With the development and improvement of photovoltaic power generation system, its application approach not only includes single users, but also involves architectural design work. Through the new energy photovoltaic power generation system, energy can be applied sustainably, while ensuring the economic benefits of power generation units. It can also promote the healthy development of the power industry.

With the improvement of technology level, its application path is gradually increasing. The photovoltaic power generation system can also be applied to photovoltaic panels, photovoltaic awnings, photovoltaic lighting roofs, etc. while meeting the power supply requirements of the building itself. Practical power requirements are provided in operations, public areas, and communications, and can be applied to oilfield road monitoring, LED streetlight green lighting systems, etc. in oilfield operations. In the transportation field, it can provide backup power support in some unattended areas, thus ensuring the effective performance of public domain service capabilities. Finally, its application in communication and communication is mainly when the microwave relay station does not need to be manually guarded. If there is insufficient power supply of the cable maintenance station, the new energy photovoltaic power generation system can be used to supplement the electric energy to ensure the continuity of the communication power system.

photovoltaic awnings

As a green energy source, new energy photovoltaic power generation has a wide range of applications and has fully utilized its advantageous functions. However, to ensure the effectiveness of the new energy photovoltaic power generation system, it is necessary to strengthen the protection of photovoltaic power generation, and analyze the application of new energy photovoltaic power generation system to ensure the maximum play of its role, and promote the future green engineering construction.

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